Themenstrang: »Forschung«

Referent_in: Ernst Schraube

Tag/Zeit: Freitag, 14.9.2018, 10:00–12:00 Uhr

The current digitalization of higher education fundamentally transforms the practice of learning. The workshop addresses these transformations and is engaged in refining our understanding of critique, learning and digitalization. Incorporating recent critiques of the language of learning including the pitfalls of subjectivistic, »student-centered learning« concepts just reproducing instrumental and neo-liberal ideology, it unfolds a critical, situated, dialogical and participatory concept of learning. Learning is understood as a process integrated in the learners’ conduct of everyday life, initiated by questions, problems and concerns, taking place not only in the classroom but in the various contexts of the everyday world, and as an activity of getting access to and discovering the world. Digital technologies in relation to learning represent not only an external part of the learning environment but a constitutive and integral element of the learning activity itself. Furthermore, they represent not just neutral tools and means to an end, with which the learners can do something in their learning activity, but contradictory forms of life, political artifacts which also do something with the learners and their learning activity. Drawing on empirical material from an ongoing project on digitalization, learning and students’ conduct fo everyday life, the workshop elaborates the importance of critique and the analytical potential of a critical psychological theory of learning for tracing the dialectics of digitalization in educational practice and for exploring the significance of digital technology in the activity of learning.

Ferienuni Kritische Psychologie 2018 using Theme Adventure by Eric Schwarz adapted by Stefan Meretz
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