Fernando González Rey

Fernando González Rey, full professor at Faculty of Education and Health Sciences of the University Centre of Brasília (Brazil) and senior associate professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Brasília (Brazil). He is also coordinator of the research group »Subjectivity in health and in education« at the University of Brasília. He obtained his Ph.D. qualification at the Institute of General and Pedagogic Psychology, Moscow. He also obtained the title of Doctor in Science from the Institute of Psychology of the Sciences Academy, Moscow. His research interests focus on education and psychology from a cultural-historical approach in three specific fields: 1) the development of the theory of subjectivity and the epistemological and methodological issues related to the study of subjectivity from a cultural-historical approach; 2) Learning as a subjective development process; and 3) Health and subjectivity: beyond the pathologization of life. Forthcoming publications are: 1) González Rey, F.; Mitjáns Martínez, A.; Goulart, D. M. (Eds.). Subjectivity within cultural-historical approach: theory, methodology and research. Singapore: Springer (in press); 2) Fleer, M.; González Rey, F.; Jones, P. E. (Eds.). Cultural-historical and critical psychology: common ground, divergences and future pathways. Singapore: Springer (in press).

Veranstaltungen mit Fernando González Rey:

Donnerstag, 13.9.2018, 10:00 Uhr: Vortrag/­Diskussion »What is subjectivity? Advancing a cultural-historical definition of subjectivity«

Freitag, 14.9.2018, 13:00 Uhr: Vortrag/­Diskussion »Soviet psychology's reception of Marxism and Holzkamp’s Marxist reception«

Freitag, 14.9.2018, 18:30 Uhr: Vortrag/­Diskussion »Holzkamp’s proposal and critical psychologies in Latin America«

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